History of Stones

The History of the Stones has been written by Luke Reynolds and James Grahame.

Luke has been a regular at Brigadoon for several years his biography is quite impressive. 2015 is his 8th straight year competing at Brigadoon. International strongman and highland games competitor. In 8 years he has competed across Europe, New Zealand & Australia. Best events include- stones, caber toss, farmers walk and overhead pressing. Holds 3 Australian records in stone lifting and stone carry events. Luke competed in over 70 strength contests. Luke is a seasoned competitor who has also lifted all 5 Bundanoon Stones several times during the past 4 years.

James has not appeared at Brigadoon however is recognised as a Strongman. James Grahame is a native born Scotsman who has travelled across the globe in the search for the perfect pint. He is slightly smaller and lighter his giant friend Luke Reynolds. But everyone who has seen him at the beach agrees his body is a perfect use of skin. He has had the good fortune to lift many of the well kent (and less well kent) natural stones in Scotland. He has competed in Scotland and Australia in Highland Games, powerlifting and Strongman. He is also a former winner of the Maryborough manhood stones.

The Old Man of the Stones

This website is dedicated to the memory of Peter Martin who passed away suddenly, at home, in September 2015. He was a true gentleman and a friend to many. His research in to Gaelic strength culture and traditional stone lifting was without equal. He shared his research and passion freely with many people throughout the world and never asked for anything in return.

History of the Stones

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