Unfortunately today we have been advised by Wingecarribee Shire Council that the Bundanoon Oval is to remain closed.

Given the current status of the Oval (closed) and the predicted forecast of continued rain up to the event day, Council’s position will be to keep the oval closed.

Jordans Crossing would also be unavailable for use as parking and will remain closed as well.

This is an unusual period of prolonged wet weather patterns that has not allowed the Oval or its precincts to dry out.

The committee are deeply conscious of their duty of care to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone who participates at or attends Brigadoon.

We have a responsibility for the care and preservation of the Oval and its precincts, and with the present ground conditions the possible damage caused could make the area totally unmanageable for some considerable time after the Gathering. There is also the reality of serious damage to the streets in Bundanoon being used for parking with cars getting bogged on the verges. This is something we are not prepared to condone.

We apologise for the cancellation (another postponement only) but the weather has beaten us again.

I welcome you to come along to our fifth attempt at the 43rd Annual Bundanoon Highland Gathering.

Peter Rocca                                                                                                                              President                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bundanoon Highland Gathering Inc.


BRIGADOON 1st April 2023

Welcome to the Bundanoon Highland Gathering,   the “Premier” Scottish Gathering in Australia  

Brigadoon is a non-profit registered charity (CFN13267) we do not make a profit in the business sense of the word. After taking into consideration all our costs and appropriating a management budget for the coming year, we distribute the Surplus Pool to the large number of volunteer, charity and community groups in the Southern Highlands that assist us in preparation and presentation of the gathering”.

When visiting Brigadoon take time out to experience the natural beauty, arts, wineries, culture and heritage of the Southern Highlands

Mission Statement

“Coordinate a Scottish Highland Gathering, which will include Pipe Bands, Games, Clans and Scottish Dancing”

Our Goals

    • Conduct an efficient sustainable, not for profit event that adds value to our local community
    • Brigadoon’s principle aim is to raise funds for local charities and bring tourism to Bundanoon in particular and the
    Southern Highlands in general thereby benefiting local businesses, guesthouses and hotels during the Off Season
    • Nurture the ongoing preservation of the Scottish culture through involvement, exposure and educational opportunities.
    • Present a family orientated event for all peoples, community groups, locals and visitors.
    • Provide opportunities for contribution and involvement of volunteers and professionals
    • Encourage involvement by our youth through schools and youth groups to ensure future continuity
    • Provide opportunities for charitable organisations to raise funds through volunteer work
    • Enhance the profile of the local community as a tourism destination by showcasing the beauty of the Southern Highlands to
    the visiting public and thereby profiting from the long-term benefits
    • Provide an off peak attraction for the benefit of the local tourism industry


    Even after many successful Brigadoon’s, the Committee is constantly looking for ways to improve this very special day.
    Whether praise, criticism or suggestion, your comments are always welcomed. So if you have an idea that will help make the Bundanoon is Brigadoon Highland Gathering even more spectacular, why not drop us a line to:

    The Secretary
    Bundanoon Highland Gathering
    PO Box 74,
    NSW 2578
    Email: Click here                                                

    Future Gathering Dates

    • 1 April 2023

    • 6 April 2024

    • 5 April 2025