Good morning all, the general committee of the Bundanoon Highland Gathering Committee Inc. met last night at the RSL to decide on the future of Brigadoon for this year. The Committee has been in communication with NSW Public Health (Mass Gatherings Team) over the past month seeking guidance on how best to run Brigadoon given the challenging times that we all face. As we all know, Brigadoon is a very unique event in that we encourage social interaction throughout a day of celebration of all things Scottish. NSW Health were very supportive of the event and offered a range of options for the Committee to consider.
However, due to the nature of the event, the demographic of those who attend, and with the restriction of 3000 attending (which included the committee and all performers) we would incur a significant financial loss which would be irresponsible to the future of the gathering, we would also need to ensure public safety and the only sensible decision was to cancel the event for 2021 and to focus our energy and finances on returning in 2022 with the biggest and best Brigadoon of all.
The Committee feel a great responsibility to Brigadoon, and to the community finances that we raise each year to support local services, and to the health and safety of the residents of Bundanoon and the greater Southern Highlands area. As a small group of volunteers, the Committee puts in a lot of effort and time throughout the year to put on the Games and we are frustrated once again that Brigadoon has to be postponed.
The Committee understands that there will be many in the community who are disappointed at this decision however we also know that the residents of Bundanoon and the wider community of friends of Brigadoon will understand that the only appropriate and sensible decision to keep our community safe was to cancel for 2021.
The Grand Raffle that has been running over the past few months is continuing and the draw for the raffle will still take place on the 17th of April at the Oval. There will be further announcements in relation to this over the next few days. The Committee is planning to have a small get together at the Oval on the 17th so watch this space for details
With kind regards to all


The Bundanoon Highland Gathering Committee Inc.


Brigadoon Grand Raffle

First there was the bushfires, then the floods and rain now COVID-19 which led to the cancellation of our 2020 Gathering. Because of this drastic chain of events we were unable to make any financial donations to our volunteer groups.

In an attempt to rectify this, Brigadoon will be holding a Grand Raffle for our 2021 gathering which will now be held on Saturday 17th April 2021.



There are some very generous businesses out there who have contributed to our raffle, and we would like to sincerely thank them for  making this raffle possible.

It’s only through their generosity that organisations like us can continue to fulfil our goals and commit financial support to our volunteers.

The Raffle is going along nicely although sales are slow they are promising.

Attached is a copy of the Prize list and I would appreciate it if you would circulate/promote it through your Business, social media and contacts.

For the Business CommunityWill you match our Pipe Bands

They have bought A BOOK of tickets ($100) and if they win a prize All members’ names go into the hat and the person drawn Wins the prize(s).

I hope that everything works out and we are able to go ahead with Brigadoon albeit perhaps on a reduced scale.


Welcome to the Bundanoon Highland Gathering,   the “Premier” Scottish Gathering in Australia  

Brigadoon is a non-profit registered charity (CFN13267) we do not make a profit in the business sense of the word. After taking into consideration all our costs and appropriating a management budget for the coming year, we distribute the Surplus Pool to the large number of volunteer, charity and community groups in the Southern Highlands that assist us in preparation and presentation of the gathering”.

When visiting Brigadoon take time out to experience the natural beauty, arts, wineries, culture and heritage of the Southern Highlands

Mission Statement

“Coordinate a Scottish Highland Gathering, which will include Pipe Bands, Games, Clans and Scottish Dancing”

Our Goals

  • Conduct an efficient sustainable, not for profit event that adds value to our local community.
  • Nurture the ongoing preservation of the Scottish culture through involvement, exposure and educational opportunities.
  • Present a family orientated event for all peoples, community groups, locals and visitors.
  • Provide opportunities for contribution and involvement of volunteers and professionals.
  • Encourage involvement by our youth through schools and youth groups to ensure future continuity
  • Provide an opportunity for the business community to promote themselves through sponsorship
  • Provide opportunities for charitable organisations to raise funds through volunteer work
  • Enhance the profile of the local community as a tourism destination by showcasing the beauty of the Southern Highlands to the visiting public and thereby profiting from the long-term benefits
  • Provide an off peak attraction for the benefit of the local tourism industry


Even after many successful Brigadoon’s, the Committee is constantly looking for ways to improve this very special day.

Whether praise, criticism or suggestion, your comments are always welcomed. So if you have an idea that will help make the Bundanoon is Brigadoon Highland Gathering even more spectacular, why not drop us a line to:

The Secretary
Bundanoon Highland Gathering
PO Box 74,
NSW 2578
Email: Click here                                                

Future Gathering Dates

  • 2 April 2022

  • 1 April 2023

  • 6 April 2024

  • 5 April 2025