Children’s Games



Egg Toss Junior:

Tom Anderson & Jack Kingwill 43.2m NEW RECORD Old Record was set in 2004 at 41.5m

Egg Toss Adult

Steve McKay & David McKay 62.8m NEW RECORD Old Record was set in 2007 at 59.6m


Brigadoon Games Sponsors

Egg Throwing Adult
Egg Throwing JuniorVillage Grocer & Store-Bundanoon
Fergie Stone U10 Boys
Fergie Stones U10 Girls       Breakaway Tuition-Mittagong
Fergie Stones U14 BoysBundanoon Pharmacy
Fergie Stones U14 GirlsBundanoon Croquet Club
Water Toss AdultBreakaway Tuition- Mittagong
Water Toss JuniorJordan’s Crossing Real Estate-Bundanoon
Kilted Dash Open MaleAngus Taylor Federal Member for Hume
Kilted Dash Open LadiesClan Donald-Queensland
Kilted Dash High School BoyClan Donald- Queensland
Kilted Dash High School GirlsBundanoon Guest House
Kilted Dash Primary BoysThe Pill Factory Bundanoon
Kilted Dash Primary  GirlsJordan’s Crossing Real Estate-Bundanoon
Kilted Dash K1 & 2 BoysBundanoon Lions Club
Kilted Dash K1 & 2 GirlsVintage Toy Box – Moss Vale
Kilted Dash Vets 40+ FemaleCanberra City Pipes and Drums
Kilted Dash Vets 40+ MaleCanberra City Pipes and Drums
Kilted Dash Vets 60+FemaleR & R Recycled Retro
Kilted Dash Vets 60+ MaleSeemyshop2- Albury, NSW
Wee Heavy Pre-School BoyTinslay Consulting Engineers-Robertson
Wee Heavy Pre-School GirlsThe Pill Factory Bundanoon
Hay Toss Open Male  It’s All Books To Me- Bowral

Now Phoenix

Hay Toss Open Ladies
Hay Toss Junior MaleBundanoon Lions Club
Hay Toss Junior FemaleBundanoon Veterinary Hospital


Sponsor the games events at Brigadoon

By the community for the community

Would you like you to be part of the “brigadoon” experience? Then help us by supporting these activities. Games sponsorship of $110 (inclusive of gst)


  • Acknowledgement in the brigadoon programme, include logo & or business card
  • Acknowledgement in the brigadoon web site, include logo
  • Announcement over the public address system during the gathering.

Games are:

Egg throwingAdult & junior champion
Fergie stonesUnder 10 boys & girls, under 14 boys & girls
Water tossAdult & junior
Kilted dashOpen male & open female, high school male & female, under 8 boys & girls, pre-school boys  & girls, veterans 40+ male & female
BrigaballOpen male & open female, junior boys & girls, under 8 boys & girls, pre-school boys & girls
Hay tossOpen male & open female, junior male & female

Contact the publicity officer on 02 4883 7471 or email by 27 February 2018

Wee Heavy Weight

This event is for Preschool age participates. Participates can try their luck at tossing the caber and throwing fergie pins. Participates in these two events will go into a draw for a prize at Mittagong Tenpin Bowling

Egg Throwing

Cost:  $1 = 2 eggs

An activity for the brave and those not scared of a little mess. Working in pairs, one partner armed with a fresh raw egg, at a given signal the egg is thrown to your partner and hopefully caught unbroken. Partners with unbroken eggs, move one pace apart following each successful catch until a winning couple emerges. At the end of the day, the winning open pair of the day will be given the opportunity to break the Brigadoon record in centre oval.

Current Record Holders

  • Junior: Trent Webster & Daniel O’Keeffe – 41.5m (2004)
  • Open:   Michael Thompson & James Thompson – 59.6m (2007)

Fergie Stones

Participants line up one at a time, at the starters command, run to the first ‘stone’, lift the ‘stone’ on to the barrel (‘stone’ must remain on barrel). As fast as possible participants place all remaining ‘stones’ on the barrels. Winner is the best time for each division. Certificates will be awarded for each division.

Hay Toss

For the rural lads and lassies. Standing with your back to the high bar and using a pitchfork, contestants try to throw a hay bag over the bar as far as possible. Each contestant has three tosses. The best of three throws to count. During the Toss the bag must not be touched with hands. The bag must pass over the bar without touching it. Distance is measured from the bar, the furthest distance thrown wins. Certificates will be awarded for each division.

Water Toss

Cost: $1 = 3 Balloons. Partners face each other, one armed with a water filled balloon. Partners throw the balloon to each other taking one step apart after each successful catch. Certificates will be awarded.

Kilted Dash

Events for gentleman, ladies, lads and lassies. Competitors must be wearing something tartan. Announcer will call starters to the starting line as per program for the dash across the oval. Certificates will be awarded to each division. Volunteer Organisations assisting with the competitive events: Southern Highlands Air League, Chevalier College Cadets, Trinity Catholic College Cadet Unit, Wingello Rural Fire Service, Bundanoon Pre-School Parents & Venturers.

Risk Warning

The recreational activity you are about to engage in or view as a spectator may cause you physical harm. For example, you risk being injured by

  • tripping and falling;
  • being proximate to vehicles and machines;
  • collision with an object;
  • something that falls or is propelled forcefully on you;
  • a support giving away unexpectedly; and
  • other kinds of accidents including things done or left undone negligently in the management of this activity.