Heavy Weight Championship

Due to the tight space and time constraints, athletes without any prior Heavy Events experience cannot be permitted to compete. Competitors are selected by the coordinators of the event

Australian Highland Heavy Weight Championship competitors

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Australian Highland Heavy Weight Championship competitors

This was an outstanding field of heavy weight competitors, so the competition was fierce

5 Events ONE Champion

After a very close fought event it came down to the final challenge Weight over the Bar, it all hinged on this to select a final winner






Australian Highland Heavy Weight Championships



Australian Highland Heavyweight Championships

Kurt Livens

Gosford Scottish spectacular – Champion, and winner of the Guinness Harp Caber trophy,

Canberra Highland Gathering 2nd place

East Coast Heavy Events Championship 5th place

2x Stroud Brick Throwing Champion 2018, 2017.

Aberdeen Highland Gathering 3rd place

Bathurst Highland gathering 1st place

Bundanoon 6th

NZ Perora 5th

Last competition was March 2020. Newcastle highlander at the Newcastle show. I won.

2019 oceanic championship, third place. Been competing in Highland games for 6 years.

Jamie Muscat

Central Coast,  A track & field athlete with career highlights including Australian Masters records in the 100lb weight throw, indoor shot put & weight throw .World Masters Champion in Hammer & Weight Throw 2016. Have also represented N.S.W in the Shot Put at the Australian Track & Field Championships.


Jeremy Hogg 50 years old on 24th Feb

192cm & 140kg

New Zealand National shot put medal winner 2005

40+ International events

3 x International event wins

Highland Games Worlds Championships 2015 top 10

Former World Record Holder – farmers walk 207kg each hand

2022 schedule

– World Strongman Federation Uzbekistan

– Arnold’s Europe Spain Strongman


Terry Sparks


2 x Hororata Champion
1 x East coast Champion
1x Glen Innes Champion
2x Ipswich Champion

2021 Ipswich 1st


2x Qld weight class champion

1x Qld overall champion

2019 140kg Australian champion

2021 140kg regional champion

3x pro raw Arnold’s competitor

Benny Chessum

Hunter Valley Strongest in 2015.
NSW Strongest 5 times,
2nd at ACT Strongest Masters.
1st Masters ACT Strongest Masters 2021,
In 2019 I competed in the Open division at the Arnold Strongman and in November 2019,
Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals 2019 and 2021.
1st Masters Division this year 2022.
1st Masters Tamworth’s Strongest 2022

Aberdeen highland games 4th 2022
International Comps
Competed at the Official Strongman Games in Daytona Beach for Masters World’s Strongest Man
Oceania’s Strongest master 2nd place 2022

Lance Holland-Keen

2 x winner Australia’s most powerful man – competed 3 x in World Masters Highland Championships and 2 x in Australia’s Strongest man. One of the only Australian’s to successfully lift the Husafell stone in Iceland as well as complete the Ardblair Stones in Scotland. Singer/Guitarist in Heavy Metal Band: Decimator

Stone Put This event resembles the modern day shot-put but with a 16-18lb (7-8kg) stone picked from a local river. The throw takes place from behind the “trig” or toe board and is thrown for distance. There are several different throwing styles that can be used including the glide or spin. The throw is recorded by measuring the distance from the back of the trig to the mark the stone makes when it hits the ground. Each competitor is allowed three attempts with the best throw   being recorded for the final score.



Weight for Height

56-pound (25kg) Weight for Height In this back breaking event, the athlete tosses a 56lb(25kg)  weight over a cross bar. The weight is tossed with one hand only from a standing position and the athlete is allowed three tries at each height. The bar is raised until only one athlete remains. Top professional athletes can toss the 56lb (25kg) weight over a bar 18 feet (5 metres) off the ground!










Caber Toss The Caber toss is considered the signature event of the Heavy Events. The Caber is generally log measuring about 20 feet (6 metres) long and weighing approximately 150lbs (68kg)

The caber is stood on its end, the athlete shoulders the Caber cupping the small end in his two hands. Once the Caber is balanced, the athlete runs and stops suddenly and while the larger top of the Caber is tipping forward, the athlete pulls upward on the small end with all his might, flipping it end over end. A judge runs behind the athlete and calls the score as  though looking at an imaginary clock, with a perfect toss being 12:00 with the small end of the Caber facing directly away from the athlete, who is standing at the 6:00 position.






Hammer Throw. The Scottish Hammer is a spherical, metal ball weighing 16 or 22lbs (7-10kg) that is fastened to the end of a wooden handle and is thrown for distance. The athlete has his back facing in the direction of the throw. He is not permitted to spin, and anchors his feet to the ground using long blades fixed to the bottom of his boots. This allows him to stay grounded against the tremendous forces from the hammer swinging around his head at high speed. He winds the Hammer around his head as fast as possible and releases it at its maximum speed. Top  professional athletes can throw the 22lb (10kg) hammer over 115 feet (35 metres)




Weight for Distance

28-Pound (13kg) Weight Throw: This event involves throwing a 28lb (13kg) metal block fixed to a chain and handle with one hand for distance. The athlete must throw from behind the trig. The athlete spins twice and releases the weight at its maximum speed. Top professional athletes can throw the 28lb (13kg) weight over 82 feet (25 metres)


Performed by member of the Kilted Warriors.

Competitors are selected by invitation only.