Pipe Bands

The Bundanoon Highland Gathering is pleased to announce the list of Pipe Bands that are attending this year’s Brigadoon on 4th April 2020


Sydney Thistle Highland Pipe Band

Pipe Major-Matthew McNeil

Drum Major-Doug Hall

Drum Sergeant-Ross Culbert


Email:- secretary@sydneythistle.com

From 11am until 2.30pm at 3 different locations on the oval the individual pipe bands perform to entertain the public with their own special style of music


Illawarra Pipe Band

Pipe Major-Ian Jones

Drum Major- Bruce Adie

Drum Sergeant-Zen Chalmers


Email:- illawarrapipeband@gmail.com

Knox Old Boys Pipe Band

Pipe Major- Allan Watts

Drum Major-

Drum Sergeant-


Email:- jezzawicht@hotmail.com

Hills District Pipe Band

Pipe Major- John Post

Drum Major- Neil Reid

Drum Sergeant-Annina Chrystal

Tartan-McDonald of Clan Ranald (Pipe Corp)

Argyle & Sutherland (Drum Corp)

Email:- pipeband.hillsdistrict@gmail.com

Castle Hill RSL Pipe Band

Pipe Major-Nick Train

Drum Major- Peter Moore

Drum Sergeant- John Tate

Tartan- Cameron of Eracht

Email:- dpasch@bigpond.net.au

St George Sutherland Scottish Pipe Band

Pipe Major- David Humphreys

Drum Major-

Drum Sergeant-

Tartan- MacGregor

Email:- stgeorgepipeband@gmail.com

Manly Warringah Pipe Band

Pipe Major-Nick Roelvink

Drum Major-Chloe Van De Velde

Drum Sergeant-David Impey

Tartan-Military Gordon

Email:- mwpbsecretary@gmail.com

New South Wales Police Pipe Band

Pipe Major- Simon Fraser

Drum Major- Jack Leung

Drum Sergeant: Collin McKay

Tartan-Ancient MacKay

Email:- nswpolicepipeband@gmail.com

Canberra City Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major- Stephen Ladd

Drum Major-Steven Terrance

Drum Sergeant-Michelle Hecker

Tartan- Canberra Tartan


Clan MacLeod Pipe Band

Pipe Major- Bruce Wheatley

Drum Major-

Drum Sergeant-

Tartan- MacLeod of Harris & Dunvegan

Email:- cmpipeband@gmail.com

Goulburn Soldiers Club Pipes & Drums

Pipe Major: Allison Fleming

Drum Major: Gordon Fleming

Drum Sergeant: Jackson Fleming

Tartan: Maclean of Duart

Email:- fflemimg2580@gmail.com

Canberra Celtic Pipe Band

Pipe Major-Fran Emerson

Drum Major- John Rocksbourgh

Drum Sergeant-Alex Crawford

Tartan-Irish National

Email:- alexcrawford@tpg.com.au

Shoalhaven City Pipes & Drums

Pipe Major: Kim Prott

Drum Major: Luke Cunningham

Drum Sergeant: Damien Gauci

Tartan: Forbes

Email:- cgauci6@gmail.com

The Highlands Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major: Karen Tabram

Drum Major: – Shane Tickner

Drum Sergeant: Michael Griffiths

Tartan: Auld Lang Syne

Email:- iandalgleish14@hotmail.com

The Scots College Old Boys Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major-James Bruce

Drum Major-Scott Martin

Drum Sergeant-Steven Patterson


Hornsby RSL Pipe Band

Pipe Major: Bernie Parker

Drum Major: Brian Thompson

Drum Sergeant: David Morley

Tartan: MacLaine of Lochbuie

Email:- hrslpb@gmail.com

The Parramatta RSL Caledonian Pipe Band

Pipe Major: David Withers

Drum Major: Stuart McMillan

Drum Sergeant: Alex Parker

Tartan: Campbell of Loudon

Email:- parrapb@bigpond.com

Scouts Pipes and Drums- Hume

Pipe Major-Joanne Tola

Drum Major- Angela Schindler

Drum Sergeant-Asher Ryan

Tartan-Ancient Anderson

Email:- joannetola@gmail.com

Burwood RSL Sub Branch Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major: Frank Fraser

Drum Major: Geoff Lazar

Drum Sergeant: Damien Marshall

Tartan: Black Stewart

Email:- rosieandjimb@hotmail.com

Ingleburn RSL Pipes & Drums

Pipe Major: Peter Jakobsson

Drum Major: Jax Gibb

Drum Sergeant: John Mitchell

Tartan: Campbell of Cawdor

Email:- irslccpd@gmail.com

Southern Cross Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major- Andrew Keers

Drum Major-

Drum Sergeant-Dean Muller

Tartan- Hunting Stewart

Email:- heather.ruys@det.nsw.edu.au

Oxley College Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major- Toby O’Sullivan

Drum Major-Tom Rapp

Drum Sergeant- Saxon Hilkemeijer

Tartan- Strathspey

Email:- piper@celtictraditions.com.au

Smithfield RSL Pipes and Drums

Pipe Major- Andrew Iverson

Drum Major-

Drum Sergeant- Amanda Kent

Tartan- Campbell of Argyle

Email:- shennaandbrad@hotmail.com

Sydney Thistle Highland Pipe Band

Pipe Major-Matthew McNeil

Drum Major-Doug Hall

Drum Sergeant-Ross Culbert


Email:- secretary@sydneythistle.com

Contact Band Coordinator
Alaistair Saunders