Dog Obedience Displays

The Southern Highlands Kennel and Obedience Club is a nonprofit organisation that is staffed by volunteers. All the trainers and helpers do so because of their love of dogs and to help other ‘doggie’ people with their dogs.

The Club holds a two day championship show and obedience trial in October each year. The history of the Kennel Club agreed goes back to February 1951 when a group of local and interested people Southern Highlands to form a Kennel Club. The initial membership comprised thirty-one people and cost ten shillings a month.

By 1977, the Club had dwindled to less than six members and had only $37.00 in the bank! By 1984 a number of keen obedience people had moved to The Southern Highlands and the Club grew and by 1990 there were 150 members and by 2015 –200 members. Now, in 2017 the Club continues to grow.

We hope you enjoy today’s display. Today we are lucky to be joined by six members of The All Breeds Wollondilly Dog Obedience.