Bundanoon Stones

Modelled on the MacGlashen Stones from Scotland they consist of a set of five round stones ranging from 90 kgs to 165 kgs in weight.

  • Only five of the stones are used at any one time with the current competition set comprising the 115kgs, 120kgs, 125kgs, 140kgs and 165kgs.

The stones vary in size from 43 centimetres to a massive 50 centimetres or half metre in a diameter.

  • The history of the stones goes back over one thousand years to the highlands of Scotland when a boy was considered to have reached manhood when he could lift two stone in weight from the bare ground onto the top of a stone dyke or fence as we know it.

Most villages took part in this exercise and the stones varied from village to village.

  • In the late 1970s the lifting of the stones was brought back to life in Scotland with the introduction of the MacGlashen Stones.

A set of five round stones ranging in weight from 90 kgs through to 165 kgs.

  • The stones are laid out five metres apart lightest to heaviest with each competitor having to lift all five stones on top of a wooden barrel four feet in height.

The person who can lift all five stones on top of the barrels in the fastest time is declared the champion of the day.

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1st- Luke Reynolds- 27.5 seconds

2nd- Scott Hall- 33 seconds

3rd- Jeremy Hogg – 43 seconds

4th- Richard Hozjan- 4 stones- 34 second

This is an event not to be missed