Food Court and Fiddlers Tent

Brigadoon fans are in for a musical treat

Visitors to this year’s Brigadoon (Bundanoon Highland Gathering) on Saturday 4th April will have the chance to hear some of the world’s finest fiddlers perform

Covered marquee with limited seating

The fiddler’s tent will be full of music right throughout the day.

Stop by and catch just one tune – or a whole bracket.

Got a fiddle? You can join in too

Visitors skilled in playing the fiddle can join the spree, or you can just pause for a sit-down among the musicians.

There’s nothing quite like the Fiddlers’ Tent experience.

In 2020 the Fiddlers Tent is located on the Northern side of the oval on the way to Jordan’s Crossing


Bundanoon Public School Choir 

Sally Andrews-Accordionist

Bob McInnes, Jane Ellis

Mary Kiani & The Angry Scots


FOOD COURT: there will be food stalls  with covered seating and tables

Stalls in the food court are: Entertainment Area & Food Court