Brigadoon Grand Raffle


The Bundanoon Highland Gathering Inc. (BHGCI) are delighted to announce that they have approved holding a grand raffle for their 2021 Brigadoon Gathering.


First there was the bushfires, then the floods and rain now COVID-19 which led to the cancellation of our 2020 Gathering. Because of this drastic chain of events we were unable to make any financial donations to our volunteer groups, specifically our donation of 10% of gate takings to the Rural Fire Service for their outstanding work.

In an attempt to rectify this, the BHGCI will be holding a Grand Raffle for their 2021 gathering which will now be held on Saturday 17th April 2021.


After the 2021 gathering the monies collected from the raffle will be allocated to the volunteer organisations who work so hard to ensure the success of our gathering.

Even in the unlikely occasion that Covid-19 is still around and restrictions are in place the Raffle WILL still go ahead.




What we can offer contributors in return?

BHGCI will look for as many ways we have at our disposal to promote the company.

  • Credit and logo in the printed programme.
  • 2 x free tickets to the event.
  • Certificate of Appreciation.
  • The company name and logo in recognition of their contribution on all our social media sites.
  • Website –
  • Facebook page –
  • Instagram –
  • Company mention in our interviews with the Brigadoon committee members.
  • Opportunity to hang their company banner at the event.
  • Credit announcements during the day on the 17th April 2021.

The Draw: Will take place during the gathering on the 17th April 2021. Full details regarding the prize list will be published along with the Contributor/Prize/Value when we start selling tickets, plus a list of specific guidelines for the draw.

The intention is to involve the local and regional business community’s participation. Their support is essential to fostering good relations locally, and for Brigadoon to be seen promoting our local businesses nationally with a view to increasing tourism to our region.

To date there have been some extremely generous people out there to which we are deeply indebted. Many donations have been sourced locally however the prize list extends to throughout Australia, and even from the UK.

It is hoped that people will get behind this initiative and support Brigadoon supporting volunteers by buying a ticket (or two) when they become available in later in 2020


Raffle Coordinator:

Alaistair Saunders,

Vice President,

Bundanoon Highland Gathering Committee

Ph: 02 4883 7471