Clans & Scottish Societies

Clan “Spirit of the Day”

Clans are judged on the March on:

  • Team Participation
  • Important Features
  • Pride in their Tartan

Clan Tents

Judged on Colour and Effort around displaying their heritage

There are a number of ways your Clan or Scottish Society may like to be involved in Brigadoon as either a one off event or a continuing event for a series of years.

Should you require any information or assistance please contact the Brigadoon Clans Co-ordinator.

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March in street Parade

Contact: Joanne Smith

  • Set up a Clan information stall site (no fee) in the Clan Area contact: Email
  • Advertise in our Programme booklet Details here: Programme Advertising

Contact Publicity Officer

  • To sponsor an event, link to more information is below.
  • Is your Clan website linked to the Brigadoon website?

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Clans Attending in 2018

  • Clan Stalls – 2016
  • C1 Chieftain’s Clan Arthur
  • C2 Scottish House
  • C3 Clan MacMillan & Clan Maclean
  • C4 Clan Munro & Clan Fraser
  • C5 Clan Gregor & Clan Johnston/e
  • C6 Clan MacLennan
  • C7 Clan Farquhason
  • C8 Clan Buchanan
  • C9 Clan Scott
  • lC10 Clan MacPherson
  • C11 Clan Edmondstone Society
  • C12 Clan MacNichol Aust inc
  • C13 Clan Donald
  • C14 Clan Kerr of Australia
  • C15 Clan Stewart Society
  • C16 Clan Cameron
  • C17 The Gaelic Society
  • C18 Clan MacRae
  • C19 Clan Sutherland
  • C20 Clan Hope of Craighall Society
  • C21 Clan Murray
  • C22 Clan Davidson
  • C23 Clan Lindsay
  • C24 Scottish Australian Heritage Council