Clans & Scottish Societies

Clan “Spirit of the Day”

Clans are judged on the March on:

  • Team Participation
  • Important Features
  • Pride in their Tartan

Clan Tents

Judged on Colour and Effort around displaying their heritage

There are a number of ways your Clan or Scottish Society may like to be involved in Brigadoon as either a one off event or a continuing event for a series of years.

Should you require any information or assistance please contact the Brigadoon Clans Co-ordinator.

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March in Street Parade

Contact: Joanne Smith

  • Set up a Clan information stall site (no fee) in the Clan Area contact: Email
  • Advertise in our Programme booklet Details here: Programme Advertising

Contact Publicity Officer

  • To sponsor an event, link to more information is below.
  • Is your Clan website linked to the Brigadoon website?

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Confirmed list of Clans Attending in 2018

Clan Stalls


Clans Buchanan

Clan Cameron

Clan Davidson

Clan Donald

Clan Edmonstone

Clan Farquarson

Clan Hope

Clan Innes

Clan MacFarlane

Clan MacNicol

Clan MacRae

Clan Sutherland

The Stewart Society

Clan Scott
Clan Lindsay
Clan Maclean
Clan Gregor,
Clan MacLennan,
Clan Macpherson,
Clan Matheson,
Clan Murray.
Scottish Gaelic Association of Australia

Clan Kerr: For the Street only